MSX-04S Dosusazabi Striker Custom


The MSX-04S Dosusazabi is a heavily modified MSX-04 Sazabi mekton piloted by the Eden Valley’s Lee Soohyun. Most of the modifications are refits for melee combat, removing the internal beam weaponry to make room for new subassemblies and thruster housing. The Dosusazabi shares most of its benefits with the Sazabi, such as its increased height and increased armor being compensated for with a great number of thrusters, making it incredibly agile for its size.

The Striker Custom is an odd case, given that it was specially requested for by a civilian and outfit with various non-combat subassemblies for use in Lee Soohyun’s music videos and performances, such as hundreds of sets of speakers and an upscaled microphone that fits in the Dosusazabi’s hand.

The main combat power of the Dosusazabi comes from the thrusters housed in the forearm servos and the reinforced plating on the hands. The thrusters massively increase the amount of force placed in any single blow and the reinforced hand plating protects the hands from any damage it could sustain from repeated high velocity impacts against armor plating.

MSX-04S Dosusazabi Striker Custom

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