MX-78-2 Gundam (CRASH TYPE)


The MX-78-2 Gundam [CRASH TYPE], colloquially called the Crash Gundam, was an experimental mekton built to take advantage of new cranial nerve control systems, called the psycommu (derived from the words psychic and communicator). The psycommu system reduced the delay from control input to mekton output to functionally nothing, resulting in no performance lost when equipping the mekton with heavier armor and larger weapons.

The end result was a mekton that could take a hit and deal damage with pixel perfect precision. In the hands of an experienced pilot it could have single-handedly turned the tide of the Colonial Civil Wars, however, it wound up in the hands of one Kenny Crash, a 15 year old street clown that happened to be the son of the designers of the Crash Gundam. The Crash Gundam was later modified by NOTAG to incorporate several new offensive systems, including upgraded thrusters and beam swords.

The Crash Gundam was destroyed during the 2nd Colonial Civil War.

While the Crash Gundam was developed at the behest of and with the funding of the UEG, it would appear that the details of the psycommu system were leaked to the black market, or at least to NOTAG, due to the presence of the SAC-78 ‘Gundam-Type’ in Star Alliance Custody.

MX-78-2 Gundam (CRASH TYPE)

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